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The Best Way To Build A Log And Timber Home... Period.

The Best Way To Build A Log And Timber Home... Period.


What Style Is Your Dream Home?


January 2016
Volume 52

Log and timber frame homes come in various styles. We offer a range of concrete log and timber profiles and accent pieces to fit any style of home. These include Mountain Rustic, Contemporary, Timber Frame, Western Log and Timber, Ranch, Chalet, Adirondack, Coastal/Cape Cod…. and many others.

To complement our log and timber products, we offer a range of standard log colors and chinking options to accentuate and enhance the beauty of your dream home. Our finish system is so flexible we also offer our clients the option to customize any color and patina they seek.

Below are some design styles to consider when planning your next project and let us know how we can assist!


Mountain Rustic Concrete Log Home

Mountain Rustic incorporates log and heavy timber elements combined with natural stone that blends in with the surrounding environment. Rusted metal roofs are a very popular feature. This family lodge uses our 16″ Hand-Hewn EverLogs combined with our timber out-lookers, knee braces, posts, and beams, all made of concrete.


Contemporary Concrete Log Home

Contemporary (or Modern) ranges from mid-century modern to the latest designs representing current trends toward sleek, contemporary design. Contemporary design is characterized by clean, simple lines, minimal decoration, lots of glass, and flat or shed rooflines. This home is built with our 8″ Round EverLogs with square posted corners. Our concrete timbers are also utilized as posts and beams supporting the deck.


Adirondack Style Concrete Log Cabin

This camp style architecture that began in the Adirondack mountains of New York features rugged materials commonly found locally to give it a primitive and rustic feel. Combined with mission style furniture, mounted trophies and native decoration this style will make anyone feel right at home in the outdoors. This cabin utilized our 16″ Hand-Hewn EveLog Concrete Log Siding for the exterior with 8′ windows and tall vaulted ceilings on the interior.


Ranch Style Concrete Log Home

Ranch-style is typically one story and often complimented with a finished basement and built in garages. Low exterior profile and roof lines are common and exterior decoration is limited. Ranch designs range from L or U-shaped to more complex floor plans. This beautiful homes uses our 16″ Hand-Hewn logs, concrete posts and beams. Local river rock was hand picked to use on the backside basement.



Adapted from Swiss models the Chalet utilizes heavy timber or log construction on stone bases. Homes typically are 2-1/2 stories in height and feature large overhangs and wood accents. This style of construction is typically found in the pacific northwest and mountain ski resorts. This chalet inspired Idaho home features our 16″ Hand-Hewn EverLog Siding in our Natural Brown color accented with natural stone columns and wainscot.


Exterior Timber Concrete Components

EverLog Timbers are worry free, engineered structural concrete components used in both exterior and interior applications. EverLog Timbers are used as trusses, posts, beams, outlookers, knee braces and other custom pieces found on rustic cabins to luxury log homes across the country. Our timbers replicate real wood timbers and are produced in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your construction needs and architectural style. All these components provide the WOW factor and make a dramatic and immediate impact.