The Best Way To Build A Log And Timber Home, Period.

The Best Way To Build A Log And Timber Home, Period.


Chinking – What is it and how is it used?

Weatherall 1010 Chinking Card for EverLog Systems
Concrete Log Siding Chinking: Before and After
Completed Chinking: Before & After
10" Plank EverLog Concrete Log Siding in Weathered Gray
10" Plank EverLog Concrete Log Siding in Weathered Gray with Chinking

What is Chinking?

Chinking is an elastomeric sealant material that has a coarse sanded surface that is designed to look like an old-fashioned mortar and is used on a range of real and artificial log home joints. For our concrete logs and siding, it is mainly used for aesthetic purposes but also helps to keep out the elements. It comes in various standard and custom colors designed to blend or contrast with the logs based on the desired look. Some of our log siding profiles are designed to require thinking but some allow it to be optional.  See our Siding Profiles and Colors page for those options.

Who Sells it?

EverLog Systems does not sell or distribute any chinking or caulking materials.  We recommend all of our customers use Weatherall 1010® Chinking which is sold exclusively by Weatherall Northwest. (406-363-4262 or

How is it Installed?

Weatherall 1010 Chinking has been specifically formulated for EverLogs and EverLog Siding.  While not difficult, applying chinking to concrete substrates is different than wood. Weatherall offers simple tips and techniques that will save both time and money on the job site. Training is also available and referrals to trained installers are also provided upon request. Shaded sides can be chinked as usual and a scratch coat/top coat application is often utilized on sunny sides.

  • 1010 Chinking utilizes a unique fibrous and patented formula which provides thicker viscosity, resulting in faster cure times. These faster cure times minimize the potential for blistering.
  • 1010 has an accelerated cure time which means less potential for damage and attracting dirt and dust on the job site.
  • 1010 is not prone to slumping when applied in the wide chink lines found on many installations.
  • 1010 has the viscosity of stiff mortar and is the easiest chinking material to tool.


Features of Chinking?

  • Weatherproof Barrier
  • Sanded Mortar-Like Texture & Appearance
  • Highly Flexible
  • Superior Durability
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Outstanding Color Retention and UV Stability
  • Custom Colors
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty