The Best Way To Build A Log And Timber Home, Period.

The Best Way To Build A Log And Timber Home, Period.


What is Board and Batten (B&B)?


February 2020
Volume 68

Board & Batten Weathered Gray EverLog Siding
Board & Batten Natural Brown EverLog Siding
Board and Batten Concrete Log Siding Weathered Gray EverLog Siding
Weathered Barn Red Board and Batten Concrete Siding

B&B is a siding style that combines alternating wide “Boards” and more narrow “Battens” that are installed vertically. At EverLog Systems we produce a much wider Batten for a more robust and rustic timber look and feel.

B&B is a nice visual transition from horizontal siding and is most often used as a vertical accent in either a gable or dormer. However, our concrete B&B is extremely versatile and very popular when applied to the entire structure. Our clients also enjoy the benefits of a worry free, Class A Fire Rated concrete product that (like all our EverLog products) is designed and built to last.

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