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The Best Way To Build A Log And Timber Home... Period.

The Best Way To Build A Log And Timber Home... Period.


What Can EverLog Siding Be Attached To?

We get asked all the time – what can EverLog siding be attached to?

Some of the many questions about concrete log siding are what it can be attached to, if it needs to be a new build or can be installed on a pre-existing home, and how the concrete siding is attached. Luckily for you, we are here with all of the answers on how to best install your Everlogs concrete log siding

EverLog Concrete Siding - Basecamp - Schweitzer Mountain, Idaho

What can Everlog Siding be Attached to? 

Everlogs siding can be attached to almost any surface homes are built with. The most common surfaces we work with are traditional 2x wood/steel framing, SIP panels, and ICFs. Each of these types of surfaces are the most commonly used in home building – so it is easy to add our log siding to any project. With our simulated log siding being ultra-lightweight, it does not structurally affect the wall it is being attached to. A standard 12′ siding panel weighs approximately 42-55 pounds depending on the profile.  While very light, we recommend two people to lift and apply EverLog Siding. Please consult the siding “Siding Installation Guide” for additional details.

South Florida Concrete Log Siding Ranch Home

How are Everlogs Concrete Siding panels attached?

Everlogs concrete siding can be attached to any structure, whether it is a home with pre-existing siding or a new build. We recommend preparing your home before adding our concrete siding. This can include state codes and regulations, particularly the requirements and proper use of weather-resistant barriers, building wraps, vapor barriers, rain screens, etc. When your home is ready for concrete log siding, you or your contractor will use screws to attach the corner posts and siding panels. Once the siding is up, caulking and chinking (chinking is optional) will be done to ensure a solid seal around the home.

EverLog Siding solves the traditional issues associated with wood log siding. Our patented log siding design combines an amazingly realistic log-looking exterior with worry-free, high-strength, and easy-to-install log siding.

Once applied, our log siding products instantly transform the look and performance of any structure.


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