The Best Way To Build A Log And Timber Home... Period.

The Best Way To Build A Log And Timber Home... Period.


Montana Designs discusses the benefits of EverLogs

montana-designsNo-Maintenance Logs

Home in Arlee forest constructed with concrete

By Stewart Hansen for Montana Designs

Deep in the forest near Arlee stands a log home built without wood. The owners, who searched long and hard for the perfect spot upon which to build their dream, loved log homes but were concerned about maintenance problems some of their friends experienced with wooden structures.

Instead, they turned to a 16-inch concrete log known as the EverLog. In addition to the logs themselves, the exterior trusses, support columns and outriggers are all made of maintenance-free concrete.

The building system was developed by Dick Morgenstern after the massive Montana forest fires in 2000.

Morgenstern, moved by the destruction of homes and other structrues, began developing a fireproof log building system.  Applying his longtime experience and engineering expertise in the precast concrete industry, he spent long hours in research and development, and testing prototypes.

Morgenstern’s first goal was to make a concrete log that didn’t look artificial. After much testing, he developed a method of direct casting from actual hand-hewn wooden logs.

Morgenstern went on to develop a fire-resistant, structually superior system of log construction.

EverLogs address negatives of wooden log construction such as maintenance of exterior finishes and chinking; damage from mold, insects and other decay; and high energy costs. Other major concerns include shifting, settling and shrinkage of wooden logs, and pooor structural stability in earthquakes or hurricanes.

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