Introducing Two New Concrete Log Siding Profiles

In response to suggestions from architects, builders and home owners we have developed two new concrete log siding profiles. An 8″ Round EverLog Siding and a 10″ Plank EverLog Siding.

Both profiles offer our Adjustable Chink Joint (ACJ) technology. The ACJ option allows you to adjust the spacing and chinking between the logs. Options range from 3/4″ chink joint to no chink joint (chinkless).

Crafted to replicate the deep, rich texture of traditional logs, our concrete log siding products dramatically improve the look and feel of any home. This product, like all our concrete log siding products, can be applied to new or existing structures. And given it’s light weight and ease of installation using common tools this product is ideal for both professional installers and DIY’ers.

As with all our worry free products, our 8″ Round and 10″ Plank EverLog Siding comes without the high cost and continuous log home maintenance requirements of natural wood logs.

8″ Round EverLog Siding

8" Round EverLog Concrete Log Siding in Natural Brown

10″ Plank EverLog Siding

10" Plank EverLog Concrete Log Siding in Natural Brown