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When you’re taking concrete and turning it into something as beautiful as a log home we get a lot of questions.  Some of those questions pertain to our products and some don’t.  The following information is meant to help clarify some of those questions we receive.  As always make sure you visit the frequently asked questions sections on our EverLogs, EverLog Siding and EverLog Timbers.

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Discover the history behind hand hewn logs and timbers and how it has played a role in our concrete hand hewn logs and siding....

Our customers often ask “What is chinking and do I use it with your system?” Here is a short explanation of what it is, how it’s applied and how, we at EverLog Systems, use chinking for our concrete log homes and concrete log cabin siding....

Beaudette Consulting Engineers, Inc (BCE) was engaged to evaluate and analyze the structural and sustainability characteristics of the EverLog System prior to patent application. BCE has justified the concrete log wall assembly conceived and designed by EverLog Systems for several specific buildings....