HGTV’s I Want That – Featuring EverLogs

Coming up on I want that; build your log cabin dream house without using logs. Impossible… Wait until you see what we’ve found. Would you believe these logs are made of concrete? Yep, now you can live in log cabin without the problems. We’ll show you how. Imagine building a log cabin back in the day. The chopping, the lifting, the stacking, and then the whole thing could burn down. If only they made insulated logs out of… concrete! This cozy log home has everything, except mold, warped logs, and insects. That’s because instead of wood, these logs are made of concrete. That’s right… concrete. There called EverLogs (formerly Cultured Logs) and they give the rustic appeal of a wooden log home without the worries. “One of the big issues you have with traditional log homes are fire concerns, with our logs you just don’t have that. There’s nothing combustible about our logs.” The concrete looks and feels exactly like wood right down to the knots and growth rings. The logs are actually a facade that’s bonded to panels of insulation, reinforcing steel, and more concrete. To build your home, you stack the panels and join them together with mortar, just as with wooden logs. The inside can even be finished with wall board and highlighted with exposed beams and wood accents, which lets you decorate like any conventional home. “We were very excited because it offered the beauty of a log house on the outside, but on the inside you could customize it to the way you want.” Said Andrea Dahlberg, Log Homeowner A log home that looks great, is easy to care for, and helps save a tree. Now that’s something to write home about.