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The Best Way To Build A Log And Timber Home... Period.

The Best Way To Build A Log And Timber Home... Period.





Below is a general outline of the home planning process using EverLogs.  Actual activities, meetings and time requirements may vary depending on your project specifics.

1. Contact EverLog Systems at 1.877.257.5647 or visit our contact us page. During your initial visit ask your representative to arrange a personalized log home tour. Tours enable customers to see the possibilities available with EverLogs.

2. Your representative will take you through the planning process. Issues to discuss include:

  • What type and size home do you wish to build. Whether an ELS model or custom home best suits your needs.
  • Finding the right architect if you choose a custom home design.
  • Land and home site considerations.
  • Financial considerations and options.
  • Finding experienced contractor/builders.
  • Production and delivery timelines.

3. Based on the home of your choice EverLog Systems will develop a preliminary price estimate.

4. Meet with your financial professional to qualify you for the purchase of your EverLog package.

5. Meet again with your ELS representative to review home ideas and price estimates. Finalize any plan modifications.

6. Meet again with your financial professional to submit a loan application.

7. Once construction documents are completed production can start!

8. Production of your home will be complete within 90 days from the final approval of your construction documents.

9. Schedule delivery and installation on your home site.

10. Maintenance on an EverLog Systems concrete log home couldn’t be simpler. A yearly inspection should be completed on concrete members. You will be given a maintenance guide at the time of purchasing your home that will walk you though any minimal maintenance you may encounter.


Our structural EverLog wall package is comparable to quality handcrafted wood logs. The price will vary based on factors like size of the home; wall heights; design features of the home (gables, dormers, etc); unique design features, location, and the like.  We also include in our pricing the structural logs, shop drawings, engineering, delivery, installation, and finishing.  We do not supply or install the roof, doors/windows, floors, interior finishes, etc.  Give us a call to inquire about current ballpark pricing on a structural log home package.

What is the total price or “Turnkey” price of a home using your system?  Turnkey pricing means that the home is completely finished by a builder and ready to occupy. Turnkey includes the foundation and all construction to the roof, roof treatments, flooring, and appliances. Turnkey pricing does not include the property, well, septic, road, utilities, and landscaping. Since EverLog Systems is only supplying the log portion of the project we really cannot offer a price to complete your project.  That questions would be answered by your contractor as you make other material and construction decisions.

Please contact us for any information on estimating, building, design and pricing.


Take a look through our Photo Gallery.


You will see a wide range of projects using our concrete log products in creative and inspiring ways.   People often comment on how amazed they are at not being able to distinguish our concrete logs from a natural wood log home. See for yourself…..

Image of Island Park, Idaho Residence - made with Everlogs Concrete Logs, Siding, and Timbers


EverLog Concrete Log Homes

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