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The Best Way To Build A Log And Timber Home... Period.

The Best Way To Build A Log And Timber Home... Period.


EVERLOG™ Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get an estimate for EverLog Products?

If you have a set of plans, you can use our Estimate Request Form to answer some questions and upload your plans for our estimators. You may also use the form to send us the square footage of the wall you need to be covered and a count of corner pieces needed. Once the estimate is complete, we will email it to you for your review.

What is the price of your EverLog Siding?

Our concrete log siding varies in price based on the profile. Please download our EverLog Concrete Log Siding Catalog/Pricing Guide for current pricing information.

Is there a minimum order size?

No, we produce every order exactly to quantity needs, so you can order as much or little as you like. Keep in mind, however, that the shipping on smaller versus larger orders may not be proportional.

Does EverLogs have distributors or do you sell direct?

To give the owner the best price possible, we sell direct; however, we will work with your contractor or supplier as well, but the pricing from us would be the same.

Does EverLog Systems build homes or are you a material supplier?

We are only a material manufacturer and supplier. We will ship the concrete log siding materials direct to your job site, and your contractor or a sub-contractor will do the installation.

What contractors are in my area that work with your siding?

Our siding is fairly straightforward to install and is a job most competent contractors can handle. That said, we always will work directly with you and your contractor to ensure the job is done properly. We can also provide recommendations for contractors we’ve worked with in your area (depending on location).

Please give us a call at 406-542-7455 or send us an email at to discuss your project. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you find the right team for the job.

What is the cost of one of your homes?

We supply materials for only a small portion of your home’s overall cost. We can give you a price for our materials, but your architect or contractor will need to answer that question.

How do I buy your siding materials and is there a deposit required?

Once we have done an estimate and all parties have reviewed and approved the estimate, a signature is needed on the approved estimate. (Sometimes, we do multiple versions.) We will issue a contractual Purchase Order and a Quantity Agreement upon receipt. With the contract signed we’ll invoice you for a 50% deposit payment. Once the payment and signed contract are received, we will place your order into our production schedule.

Do you sell window or door trim?

No, we do not manufacture or sell any window or door trim. Due to the various design styles and sizes of windows and doors, trim is a very custom item. Over the years, we found that making new molds for every project’s needs not only added significant time to the production but also significant cost. We recommend using your choice of Fiber Cement Trim, like Hardie Trim, or an engineered wood trim such as LP Smart Trim.

When do I pay the balance of my project?

We typically request 50% down, and the final 50% is due upon product delivery.

Do I need a forklift on the job site?

Our shipping partner brokers out your siding delivery to the closest available truck, capable of handling the amount of siding ordered. These are typically 53′ semi-flatbed trucks, but sometimes shot-shot trucks can be used for smaller orders or difficult-to-access job sites.

What happens to the crates when they are empty?

Try not to damage or discard any crates or packaging material. Once you’re finished needing them, we will notify our shipping partner to arrange pick-up of the empty crates to return and re-use. You may be invoiced for any crates not returned.

Are screws provided for the siding installation?

Yes, we can provide bulk quantities of the GRK Cabinet screws recommended for installation in quantities needed.

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