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The Best Way To Build A Log And Timber Home... Period.

The Best Way To Build A Log And Timber Home... Period.


EverLogs covered by BUILDERnews Magazine

Builder News Magazine Featured CoverSteve Pinther Construction uses EverLogs on Idaho Home

– BUILDERnews Magazine

Steve Pinther, owner and operator of Steve Pinther Construction in Ashton, started building custom luxury log homes in 1979. Because of the detailed hands-on nature of Pinther’s work, he only builds a few custom homes a year; overseeing most of the construction himself and subcontracting support services on an as-needed basis. Recently, in response to market demand, Pinther has focused on building more traditional wood-frame homes with timber accents throughout the interior. Pinther uses large manufactured timber beams for decorative and structural purposes in family rooms, living areas, and entrances. For these applications, he favors locally manufactured timbers and recycled materials.

Pinther’s latest project utilizes a unique stamped concrete log system that was requested by the client. The concrete logs are manufactured by EverLog Systems of Missoula, Mont., which transports the system to the site and erects the shell. The innovative concrete logs are made of composite materials that have the external character of high-quality wood logs but without the costly maintenance issues and susceptibility to fire, mold, insects, and other problems commonly associated with log construction. The concrete logs are intentionally designed with a flat interior surface to allow for the flexibility to finish interiors with timber frame, post, and beam, log accent, or Sheetrock. According to recent studies, EverLogs perform at an R-19 insulation value. When properly constructed, concrete log designs are up to seven times more air-tight than a comparable wood log home.

“Working with this system is similar to doing a remodel because you end up building the house inside of the frame,” says Pinther.

Natural lighting is increased in Pinther’s homes through the use of large windows and numerous skylights. For these applications, he prefers Pozzi and Anderson windows and doors. Pinther is licensed to do construction in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming and is a member of the Eastern Idaho Home Builders Association and the Idaho State Home Builders Association.