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The Best Way To Build A Log And Timber Home... Period.

The Best Way To Build A Log And Timber Home... Period.


EverLog Siding: Fire Resistant Solution For CA Cabin Owner

Concrete Log Homes: a “Worry Free” and Fire-Resistant Solution


Concerned about wildfires, a Southern California cabin owner decides to rebuild using EverLogs concrete logs instead of wood. Completed last week, the cabin is now ready for wildfire season and whatever else mother nature can deliver.

Idyllwild, CA (PRWEB) January 25, 2012

When Robert Brahm decided to rebuild his mountain cabin in a wildfire-prone area of Mt. San Jacinto outside of Idyllwild, California, his architect reminded him of strict new building codes. Specifically, new fire codes require all exterior materials to have a Class A fire rating. With the rebuild completed last week, Mr. Brahm recalls that he wanted a log cabin look but knew traditional wood logs were not an option. The solution? He turned to Montana-based EverLog Systems, a company that makes worry-free log homes using concrete instead of wood.

The result? “(The concrete logs) are beautiful; they’re the talk of the town. In fact, they are the talk among all the Riverside County building inspectors” he says.

More and more people are building their dream homes in remote locations with inherent wildfire hazards. In Texas, last year alone, wildfires destroyed more than 3.9 million acres, 2,862 homes, and 2,700 other structures. Mr. Brahm found himself building in one of these “Urban-Wildland Interface” areas and turned to EverLog Systems for assistance.

A new take on the log-home industry.

Missoula, Montana-based EverLog Systems (ELS) ( offers a new twist on the centuries-old log home industry. The company wants to change the way log homes are designed, built, and maintained by using concrete logs instead of wood.

EverLogs are a worry-free, environmentally-friendly solution to log and timber construction. Made of concrete, EverLogs offer the exact character, texture, and warm appeal of quality wood logs. EverLogs also eliminate the structural instability, costly maintenance, and susceptibility to fire, decay, and other problems commonly associated with log and timber construction.

EverLogs’ concrete logs are making industry professionals take notice. “From an engineering perspective, EverLog Systems has developed a structurally superior product,” said Tom Beaudette of Beaudette Engineering Consultants. “Their system will not shrink or settle, which are significant concerns with natural wood log construction.”

“This product is really impressive,” agreed architect Jamie Daugaard of CentreSky Architecture. “Not only does ELS produce the precise look of wood logs, but their system also provides architects complete design flexibility.”

Lower construction and ownership costs.

Builders and owners also benefit from using concrete logs, as most ELS structures are erected in a fraction of the time taken for traditional log structures. This substantially reduces the overall cost of construction. For homeowners building in fire-prone areas, EverLogs are non-combustible concrete logs that offer a Class A fire rating.

EverLog’s log packages are comparable in price to hand-crafted wood log packages, says EverLog Systems president Stewart Hansen. Most log homes companies charge a separate fee for erecting, staining, and chinking their logs. This can add 20-30 percent to the cost of the log package. These service costs, including erection costs, are included in EverLog’s log package.

“Because our logs are concrete, not wood, our homes are basically worry-free,” Hansen said. “And since our products are insulated and fire-resistant, our customers experience lower homeowners’ insurance premiums and lower energy costs. This leads to significantly lower ownership costs over the life of the structure.”

Mr. Brahm, for one, is pleased with his new fire-resistant and worry-free cabin.

“I love the look and the lack of ongoing maintenance,” he says. But equally important, he adds, is the “peace of mind” he now enjoys.

About EverLog Systems:

ELS offers a family of products that range from siding to full structural logs, as well as full in-house design services. EverLog Systems can be reached at 1-877-257-5647; or