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The Best Way To Build A Log And Timber Home... Period.

The Best Way To Build A Log And Timber Home... Period.


EverLog Board and Batten Siding Installation Video

Welcome to EverLog Systems, the best way to build a log and timber home.


This video is a basic introduction to installing EverLog Board & Batten Siding, which is a revolutionary engineered concrete siding product used in both renovations and new construction.

EverLog Siding is:

  • Maintenance free
  • Light-weight
  • Fire resistant
  • Resistant to mold and other decay
  • Resistant to insects
  • Easy to install with common tools and screws
  • Provides a variety of other benefits


Installation of our EverLog Board & Batten Siding is simple and can be completed by any contractor or do-it-yourselfer.  In conjunction with our full installation guide, this video will show you how easy installation can be.


EverLog Siding comes pre-finished and is packaged in durable crates. A forklift is required to unload crates from the trailer.  Contact EverLog Systems for crate weight and forklift recommendations. Also reference our EverLog Siding crate handling and siding removal instruction manual that will be included with the shipment.  The crates should be placed on level ground with 2×4 blocks under the front to provide a slight tilt from front to back.

Partially remove the top screws using the T-30 bit included with the delivery, and carefully set the lid aside. Partially remove front screws on both right and left end panels, fully remove screws from the front bottom front panel, and reserve for re-assembly.  Carefully lay the front panel down.

Using two people, carefully tilt the siding up and lift it on edge, always carrying panels on edge.  Place packaging foam in a safe place until the crate is empty, at which point the foam can be placed back into the crate before closing the crate up in reverse order of disassembly.  Crates containing corners or other custom components may have additional bulkhead screws that need to be removed prior to removing the face panel.


Installation requires a few common tools.  A four-and-one-half-inch electric angle grinder and accompanying four-and-one-half-inch masonry blade are recommended for most, if not all, cutting.  A hole saw may also be needed for round cuts, such as dryer vents or plumbing penetrations.  A high-speed cordless drill or two with extra batteries is also recommended.  EverLog Systems recommends using GRK Cabinet® Screws along with the companion HSS Bit Holder, also made by GRK, to ease installation.

As with any construction task, proper safety and protection equipment such as safety eye and ear protection, respirators, and gloves should be used at all times when handling and cutting concrete materials.

Installing Siding

Install and secure HSS Bit Holder into the drill; refer to GRK instructions for the bit holder’s adjustment instructions.  Place the Cabinet® screw onto the bit holder and press against the panel flange; the magnetic bit holder will secure the screw during driving.

Using a high-speed setting, drive the self-tapping screw into the center of the flange, a minimum of two inches from the end.  Speed should be reduced just before setting the screw snugly against the siding flange, taking care not to over-tighten.  Repeat the process taking care to hit the stud locations.  Panels should be spaced one-eighth inch apart end to end and end to corners to allow for expansion and contraction.  All butt joints should be factory end to factory end with cuts placed against corners or other trim.

Cutting Siding

Because EverLog Siding comes in stock twelve-foot lengths, it will need to be cut to fit.  Measure the length of siding needed, again allowing for a one-eighth inch gap on ends.  Mark length needed on siding; a template tool can be made to automate markings for square or pitched cuts.  Mark the siding with a clearly visible line. Place blocking under the siding to allow four and one-half-inch masonry blade to penetrate through the siding.  Once safety equipment is in place and clear of obstructions, begin cutting the siding.  Hold the angle grinder securely and parallel to the cut, after cutting brush dust from the surface of the siding using a soft-bristled nylon brush.  Each profile of the siding is cut using similar methods.

Please call EverLog Systems at 877.257.5647 with any questions and refer to our siding installation guide.