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The Best Way To Build A Log And Timber Home... Period.

The Best Way To Build A Log And Timber Home... Period.


Building A Concrete House – 7 Benefits of Concrete Homes

Are you thinking about building a concrete house? Concrete homes are becoming popular among other building materials due to their durability, longevity, and awesome customization benefits. Concrete homes can be found in many places with different climates and extreme weather because they can withstand harsher environments without breaking down. EverLog Systems specialize in log homes that give you the look of a rustic log cabin with concrete’s durability and maintenance-free function. Here we will highlight the 7 best benefits of building a concrete house.

Understanding The Cost of Concrete Log Siding - Photo of a concrete log siding home

7 Benefits of Building A Concrete House

1. Maintenance Free: Concrete siding and walls are maintenance-free! No need to preserve, re-stain, or seal annually.  According to log home restoration companies, wood log homeowners spend a minimum of $750 a year in labor and materials to maintain their wood log homes. In addition, every three to five years, wood log homeowners pay an average of  $6,000 to have their homes preserved, re-stained, and sealed to protect them from the weather and insects.  EverLog Systems’ homes are maintenance-free, saving thousands of dollars over the home’s life. We want our customers to enjoy their log home and avoid spending time maintaining their investment.

2. Customization & Wall Coverage: A concrete house is extremely easy to customize to the look you are going for. You can use concrete for logs, siding, bricks, and more. EverLogs concrete log siding is extremely lightweight and does not structurally affect the wall – so you can easily add them to your home exterior. Everlogs siding is two to three times the size of a typical lap or logs home siding, with five different siding profiles, each with its own unique look and feel. With the concrete log siding and logs, you can customize the color to your liking to create the concrete home of your dreams.

3. Fire Resistant – Class A fire rating: With wildfires on the rise each year – concrete homes are positioned to become a very popular choice among homeowners who live in fire danger zones. In 2003, over 4000 homes in the United States were destroyed by wildfires. Again in 2012, wildfires in Colorado alone were particularly devastating. Everlogs concrete log siding has a Class A fire rating. Not only do our concrete homes provide superior fire protection, but insurance companies also provide our homeowners with preferential insurance ratings resulting in lower homeowners insurance costs.  Homeowners insurance for a concrete house built with EverLog products is generally a minimum of 20% less costly than comparable wood timber frame or wood log homes.  These savings may increase in high-fire zone areas. Learn why the Good Simple Living family decided to use EverLog Siding to protect their home from the threat of wildfires.

4. Insect-Free: A concrete home is completely resistant to insects, so you will never have to worry about wood-eating insects or infestations taking over your home. Many regions in the United States have wood-eating insects, including termites. Everlogs concrete homes solve this problem. Check out this before and after home that chose EverLog Siding to replace their woodpecker-damaged garage.

Woodpecker e1643144915423 Woodpecker wood siding damage (after)

5. Resistant to Mold and Other Decay: Concrete does not hold onto water the way wood does, so it is completely resistant to mold and other forms of decay. Many regions of the United States have serious mold and other fungal growth problems. Because concrete does not culture mold, Everlogs concrete log homes solve these problems. This extends the home’s life and saves our clients the additional costs of treating these problems.

6. No shifting, settling, twisting, or shrinkage: When deciding what to use to build your home, you need to factor in how the home will settle over time and how it will stand up to the climate you are building in. Wood logs naturally shrink, shift, twist, and settle after construction because of their inherent moisture content and other natural properties. Concrete homes do not require adjustment, maintenance, or restructuring. Everlogs concrete log siding is stable and requires no adjustments due to shrinking, settling, twisting, or shifting, saving significant owner expenses and creating a highly energy-efficient home. 

7. Amazing Results: With a concrete house, the possibilities are endless for creating your dream home. Concrete homes last generations, leaving your home looking just as new as the day you built it. EverLog Systems prides itself on allowing people to achieve their dream log home without the maintenance, stress, and cost it takes to maintain a traditional log home. From a financial, longevity, customization, and maintenance standpoint, building a concrete house is a no-brainer.

Still Not Convinced? Take It From Our Customers!

“We are very impressed with EverLog Systems. In Florida, the combination of high winds, rain, and a generally hot and humid climate, really stresses all construction materials. EverLogs is a great solution. We used EverLog Siding and EverLog Timbers on a very high-end commercial project. We found the siding products easy to install and they provide a fantastic look combined with great performance. EverLogs’ crew was easy to work with and did a great job installing the structural timber components. The owners are very happy and the finished product looks great.”

Jake Grizzard – Project Manager – Wiechens Construction – Ocala, FL – Wiechens Construction

Are Log Homes Energy Efficient

Choosing The Right Concrete For Your Homes Design

Choosing which types of concrete you use for your concrete home’s construction can be a daunting task.  You may have heard of insulated concrete forms (ICFs) with steel reinforcement and foam insulation, but using steel as a reinforcement is not an acceptable industry practice as the steel can cause major issues within your concrete mix.

EverLog Siding does not contain steel. We use only the highest quality materials to produce our siding and therefore is structurally sound and stable (on its own) without the need for steel reinforcement. Other companies claim superior materials but then have to cast steel into their log siding because it lacks adequate strength and may fail without it. Steel in thin concrete panels and siding creates a variety of problems including corrosion, freeze/thaw damage, difficulty cutting, etc. You may find this practice in China or other countries where there is little regulation to protect the consumer or maintain industry standards. To learn more please read the following White Paper.

With EverLog Systems concrete logs and siding uses a proprietary Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) mix that has been extensively tested and is widely used in residential and commercial applications throughout the world.  Our mix produces a lightweight and very high-strength siding material without the need for additional reinforcement. The performance we achieve is unmatched in the industry.

Build The Best Concrete House With EverLogs

Worry-Free EverLog Siding is a patented, revolutionary engineered concrete simulated log siding. Made of lightweight reinforced concrete (fiber cement siding), EverLog Siding eliminates the costly maintenance and susceptibility to fire, mold, insects, and other problems commonly associated with wood logs or other siding materials.

Glass fiber cement siding is sometimes called “fake, faux, or simulated log siding.” However, when you see our EverLog Siding, you won’t use terms or phrases like “fake log siding” or “faux log siding,” but more likely “beautiful,” “realistic,” “that is not wood?” or just “looks better than logs.”

Using EverLog concrete log siding for your concrete house is the perfect solution to all your problems, leaving you with a beautiful home and stress-free living.

Family sitting outside of their concrete house

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